Extruders for the Rocky Mountain Area

The Rocky Mountain Area extrusion industry leans towards what we call pipe, profile and medical tube processing, with a lot of growth in the medical tube sector. There are some companies manufacturing sheet, blown film, wire and cable, but the main concentration for this type of manufacturing does not tend to be in this region, so I would call these secondary extrusion markets in the Rocky Mountain Area.

There are a number of options in the way of extruder designs availabe from Davis-Standard for the primary markets in this region, and so I will sort some of these options out for you. If you would like additional information on the equipment outlined below, or on extrusion equipment available for the secondary markets as I outlined above, please go to the CONTACT US page and let us know what your interests are.

I would organize the Davis-Standard extruder offerings for this local market into the following catagories:

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Specialty Systems from the D-S Killian Division Killian extruders and process development systems:
These are typically small extruders  or systems for labratories and low throughput applications.

Small portable extruder or as a co-extruder

1″ HPA Adjustable Co-Extruder

HPE/HPA extruders, 1/2″ to 1 1/4″:
Designed for small profiles, medical tubing,andasco-extru

  • Fixed mounting bases
  • Adjustable basesders.

Super-Blue extruders from Davis-Standard

2″ SuperBlue Extruder

SuperBlue Series, 2″ to 4 1/2″:
Pre-Engineered, standardized offering. Some sizes built for stock to reduce lead times, but all are preconfigured so they do not have to pass through engineering

Mark Series Extruders from Davis-Standard

3 1/2″ Mark Series Extruder

Mark Series, 2″ to 3 ½”:
Engineered and configured to order. More flexibility in machine configuration than the SuperBlue, but it affects price and delivery

Thermatic Series Extruder

10″ Thermatic Extruder

Thermatic Series, 2″ to 10″:
A robust design ideally suited to larger extruders. Engineered and configured to order like the Mark. This also can be supplied in sizes the same as the Mark, but adds a few heavy duty features that are normally only found on the larger extruders. One obvious feature is the barrel support at the very front of the barrel instead of one zone back as is typical on smaller extruders.


GC61 Conical Twin Screw Extruder

Conical and Parallel Twin Screw Series
Typically used for pvc powder in markets like fencing, windows small to medium and large sized pipe and profile.
Brochure Downloads
Specialty Systems 1  or  Specialty Systems 2
HPE Horizontal  or  HPA Adjustable
Super Blue Series
Mark Series
Thermatic series
Conical Twin Screw or Parallel Twin Screw

Specifying the correct Extruder and Screw Combination

At times there are questions regarding the best size extruder, screw design, screw L/D Ratio, etc. This is when you should take advantage of one of the best equipped extrusion screw design labs in the country at the Davis-Standard Pawcatuck, CT headquarter sight. CLICK HERE for more information regarding the lab.

Extruder Control Systems

There are excellent choices for system controls available with any of the extruders or systems available through Davis-Standard. There is an in depth post on a popular controller called the e-TPC Control. CLICK HERE to read this information, and download literature on the e-TPC, the MESA II, or thge EPIC III Controller.

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