Why Advantage Engineering Mold Temperature Controllers are market share leaders

Advantage Engineering Temperature Control Unit

The Advantage Engineering Water Temp Controller has important features that have helped drive this product to a commanding market share lead in the plastics industry. While reviewing a proposal with a customer recently, it became clear to me that people often forget why they liked a product in the beginning. I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight just a couple . . . → Read More: Why Advantage Engineering Mold Temperature Controllers are market share leaders

Mold Temperature Control: Energy Saving Technology

Mold Temperature Controllers

The proprietary Advantage Engineering AVT Valve, used in the SK Line of Mold Temperature Control Units, was originally developed to give a more consistent mold temperature. However, one benefit that is often overlooked, is the significant energy savings possible when using this modulating ball valve technology. The AVT modulates the cooling water flow, eliminating fluctuations in mold coolant temperature, and providing for a . . . → Read More: Mold Temperature Control: Energy Saving Technology

Novatec / Maguire Gaylord Sweeper

Greatly reduce the amount of labor associated with a typical gaylord unloading station. A typical gaylord unload station utilizing a gaylord tilter, really needs a lot of attention, and it uses quite a bit of floor space.

Think about some of the problems typical with a gaylord tilter:

A fair amount of floor space above and beyond the size . . . → Read More: Novatec / Maguire Gaylord Sweeper

Energy Saving Series: Vacuum Drying

This is one in a series of articles that will deal specifically with ideas for energy saving products and technologies. Here we will specifically discuss the Novatec VDR Vacuum Resin Dryer.       Save energy– If your plant uses a large number of dryers, this topic is important, because drying plastic pellets can be one . . . → Read More: Energy Saving Series: Vacuum Drying

Plastic Pellet Drying, in a Novatec vacuum dryer

Novatec – Maguire Vacuum Dryer

For the right applications, Novatec’s VRD Series of dryers have a significant number of advantages over dryers using conventional dryer technologies.

Take a typicl size dryer used in the Rocky Mountain area, something sized for a 25 lb/hr throughput, drying Polycarbonate:

Footprint is 23″ x 26.5″ There is NO . . . → Read More: Plastic Pellet Drying, in a Novatec vacuum dryer

LSR and Rubber Mold Cooling Safety Circuit

If power goes off during LSR or Rubber injection molding operation, and stays off for enough time, the material can set up in the mold and can sometimes be difficult to remove. One solution is to tie city water supply or set up an auxiliary pump that kicks in when power is lost, and add a circuit can to the Mold . . . → Read More: LSR and Rubber Mold Cooling Safety Circuit

Closed Loop Water Tower

Typical Heat Exchanger

Isolate your tower water from your process to minimize maintenence on molds and heat exchangers.

Recently, a Utah medical molder was expanding their operation, and installed what is termed a Closed Loop Water Tower system. Realizing that tower water can contaminate heat

exchangers and molds without careful and overly expensive treatment, it was desirable to isolate the water that runs through the tower from the machinery and equipment in the plant. Outdoor space for the tower stand was also an issue due to the location of the facility and the desire to maximize the available property square footage.

Advantage Engineering provided a Closed Loop Tower Cell solution. This type of system is designed to Continue reading Closed Loop Water Tower