Novatec – Maguire Purging Recovery System

What do you do with your purgings?

Throw them out? How many lbs/year are you throwing out? Sell them? How much do you get paid for them? Pay someone to have them shredded and granulated for you? Can you reuse them in your process?

The Purging Recovery System is an economical way for processors . . . → Read More: Novatec – Maguire Purging Recovery System

Recent CO Engel – Novatec Installation

GE Healthcare/Vital Signs Engel 250 ton e-Motion

Vital Signs, a GE Healthcare company, recently installed two new Engel all electric machines, along with Novatec-Maguire blenders with the new touch screen controls. The two machines are a 110 ton e-Max, using Engel’s LC200 controls, and a 250 ton e-Motion using Engel’s CC 200 controls. The machines are used to produce proprietary medical components for GE Healthcare . . . → Read More: Recent CO Engel – Novatec Installation

Novatec / Maguire Gaylord Sweeper

Greatly reduce the amount of labor associated with a typical gaylord unloading station. A typical gaylord unload station utilizing a gaylord tilter, really needs a lot of attention, and it uses quite a bit of floor space.

Think about some of the problems typical with a gaylord tilter:

A fair amount of floor space above and beyond the size . . . → Read More: Novatec / Maguire Gaylord Sweeper

Energy Saving Series: Vacuum Drying

This is one in a series of articles that will deal specifically with ideas for energy saving products and technologies. Here we will specifically discuss the Novatec VDR Vacuum Resin Dryer.       Save energy– If your plant uses a large number of dryers, this topic is important, because drying plastic pellets can be one . . . → Read More: Energy Saving Series: Vacuum Drying

Plastic Pellet Drying, in a Novatec vacuum dryer

Novatec – Maguire Vacuum Dryer

For the right applications, Novatec’s VRD Series of dryers have a significant number of advantages over dryers using conventional dryer technologies.

Take a typicl size dryer used in the Rocky Mountain area, something sized for a 25 lb/hr throughput, drying Polycarbonate:

Footprint is 23″ x 26.5″ There is NO . . . → Read More: Plastic Pellet Drying, in a Novatec vacuum dryer

Skiba Inc Representing Novatec

Going forward, Skiba, Inc will be representing Novatec for plastic resin conveying, drying and blending.

Although I will no longer be representing Conair by contract, as always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way. I have a long history with Conair dating back to the late . . . → Read More: Skiba Inc Representing Novatec