NGR Recycling Machinery

NGR manufactures a line of packaged recycling systems, and can customize a system utilizing proven modules to suit your specific requirements. One of the key elements of the NGR approach is combining shredding and feeding with the extruder/pelletizer for a small footprint, integrated system that allows for a simple operation that NGR reefer’s to as “Dump and . . . → Read More: NGR Recycling Machinery

Lindner Wash Line Installation in Iowa

Tailor-made plastic washing plant optimizes throughput, product quality and operating cost for Cedar Poly LLC, of Tipton/IA

Post-consumer plastic scrap can be made into high-grade recyclates provided that all processing steps are optimally matched.

The achievable cost and quality level hinges to a large extent on the efficiency with which the shredded plastic material . . . → Read More: Lindner Wash Line Installation in Iowa

Lindner Shredders – Wash Lines

Lindner Wash Systems

Lindner is an Austrian based company that has been in business since 1948 when it was manufacturing recycling equipment for the timber industry. Timber recycling is still a large part of the Lindner business, but Lindner Recycling has been producing Continue reading Lindner Shredders — Wash Lines

Novatec – Maguire Purging Recovery System

What do you do with your purgings?

Throw them out? How many lbs/year are you throwing out? Sell them? How much do you get paid for them? Pay someone to have them shredded and granulated for you? Can you reuse them in your process?

The Purging Recovery System is an economical way for processors . . . → Read More: Novatec – Maguire Purging Recovery System

Rapid Granulator Small 150 Series with Docking Feature

The Rapid docking style granulator will fit into a workcell when a typically designed granulator is too tall. This 150 series docking concept is used when an auger granulator is not the best choice for safety reasons, or when the runner is flexible and can get wrapped around the auger. The hopper is much shorter than a normal hopper, the control box is compact, and . . . → Read More: Rapid Granulator Small 150 Series with Docking Feature